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We are currently working with BERT to set up a food distribution service for people in the village needing help. We will make deliveries to homes on Monday, Wednesdays ands Fridays on an on going basis . The food and delivery is free of charge.

If you are in need of food please contact us as we will be happy to assist in any way possible. 

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We have all witnessed the devastating impact of Covid 19 across the globe, and even our community in Brockham is not immune from the far-reaching implications for both our health and our welfare. The situation has progressed so rapidly that an urgent response was required to help people who suddenly found themselves in different circumstances, and so a joint venture between Christ Church and BERT was rapidly launched to tackle this immediate need.

Re-purposing the Church Hall as a food delivery, packing and distribution hub has enabled foodaid to immediately start serving the people of Brockham and the surrounding villages – a fully trained team of volunteers from BERT and the Church are now receiving calls, managing logistics, packing food and delivering vital food supplies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Even in the 1st week of operation at the start of April, over 150 bags of food were delivered to meet the needs of people who suddenly found their circumstances had changed.

The food is provided discreetly and free of charge, either three times per week or as a one-off

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